What we grow.

I started Foxhound Flower Farm because I wanted to connect with my ancestors by working closely with the North Carolina seasons just as they did. Though it is often an uphill battle replete with inconveniences like monstrous spring rains followed by humid summer droughts, relying on the natural world is a refreshing reminder of how very small we are on this planet. I want to help you get in touch with the season too. My hope is you’ll see, for example, ranunculus and instantly feel the relief of spring upon you, know summer is finally here when you receive a bouquet of lisianthus, and mark the transition between summer and the new year by the deep hues of autumn dahlias. Among our specialty blooms, we also grow unique flowers and foliage throughout the year. Our floral arranging style is a bit wild and a bit funky so we grow things that contribute to that in a bouquet or arrangement. We try to grow something new each season so that if you subscribe to our flowers, you can always be intrigued and surprised. Here's some photos of some of my personal favorites.