Seasonal Sessions


Introducing our Seasonal Sessions

Ally (of Blossom Bay Design) and I took a retreat to the mountains in January where we locked ourselves away in a cabin with the purpose of finding purpose in our companies. As small business owners, our businesses sort of become our lives whether we like it or not, so we decided to like it — we wanted to meld the two together in a way that allows us to lead a good life. We realized we needed to trim away the excess things that are distracting from who we really want to be so we can offer you, our community, some truly valuable experiences. We knew that would come from having clear intentions and silencing the other chatter out there - a task that takes constant effort. After a lot of meditation and hard work (and there is plenty more to do) this exercise helped us see the steps we need to take more clearly, and it also gave us a fresh enthusiasm for each of our companies as well as our collaborations together. With all of this new perspective and focus we have so many things in the pipeline for the future, but we want to start by unveiling what will be our Seasonal Sessions.

These will be our only “workshops” available this year. There will be four of them - one to honor each season - and they will all be positively unique and refreshing. The goal is to create an experience for you that will be outside of your regularities so that you too can walk away with a new perspective just as we did when we left the mountains.