Seasonal Flower Subscription


What is it?

 Our seasonal flower subscription is the best way to get your hands on our locally grown blooms on a regular basis. We offer an 4 or 8-week subscription each season (spring, summer and fall). Each week your bucket of flowers will be a visual representation of how our field transforms from week to week.
Our flower subscription is the same concept of any food CSA (community-supported agriculture) system. This model is built on a commitment between the farm and the consumer. You purchase your subscription in the beginning of the growing season which helps us purchase needed seeds, equipment etc., and in return we supply you with fresh, locally grown flowers on throughout harvest season. It is a mutually beneficial relationship and a special sort of trust. It is truly community. The beauty of this model is that there is no need for a middleman. Our flowers come straight from the farmer’s hand to yours.

How does it work?

We offer a couple of options: In spring we offer an 8- week subscription which means you’ll get flowers every week during the designated window (this depends on the season and dates are not announced until a couple of weeks prior), or the 4-week subscription which means you’ll get flowers every other week during that window. Summer and Fall are 4-week subscriptions, with flowers every week. If you’re out of town one of those days or something comes up, you can gift that week to a friend or reach out to me and I will postpone it to another week.

Weekly drop off in Wilmington will be a designated day and time at your choice pick-up location: Big Sky Design on Oleander or Beanie + Cecil in Lumina Station. I will send you a reminder each week that your flowers are delivered. If you’re interested in partnering with me for this project, please visit our shop here and select your subscription type. If the subscription is not currently available, the best way to make sure you know when registration opens for the next season, is to sign up for our email list. For additional questions feel free to contact me.

Spring Flower Subscription is Available Now!