Spring Session

Less is More

the immersive art of ikebana

Our Spring Session is Less is More: The Immersive Art of Ikebana. This traditional form of Japanese floral arranging really speaks to us right now because it is all about trimming away the clutter to create something that is truly symbolic and completely intentional. Creating an Ikebana arrangement is challenging but so worth the journey. You will walk away with a lot more than a beautiful piece of floral art.

The session will be held on March 27th at 4:30 pm and includes a Saturday afternoon with us on the 7th floor of The Trust Building on Front street with gorgeous views of the Cape Fear River. The space is the work-home of Hazel Day Ceramics. Each of you will receive a custom-made dish from her as well as a flower frog and your choice from a collection of spring branches and flowers. We will have good conversation and as always, wine, as you embark on your journey. Afterwards we will have a pedestal and backdrop set up for you to photograph your work.

Traditionally, Ikebana is about shapes, forms and honoring specific, seasonal ingredients. Our hope is for you to feel inspired to walk out into your yard in any season, snip a couple of pieces that speak to you and spend some creative (dare we say meditative) time for yourself, giving the ingredients new life and arranging them in a way that deeply satisfies you.

We are sold our for the Spring Session.